Saturday, May 13, 2017

Play Report: Pulp Cthulhu Campaign Sessions 2-4

Its been a while since I've posted on here about anything, so I figured I'd play a little catch up with my play reports. I've continued to run my Pulp Cthulhu campaign at the Malted Meeple, and we've had more sessions. Here's a quick recap:

  • Session 2, Romanian Monastery - The PCs themselves in a monastery in the mountains of Romania looking for the next piece of the artifact. Trailed by a Nazi spy that was close after them, they found it in an underground cavern protected by a demon.
  • Session 3, Arabia - Traveling to an unnamed tradecity in Arabia (in an airship no less!), the PCs fought rocket-packed Nazis, Byakhee, and crash landed just outside the city. They discovered the city was built on top of another, ancient city, and the fragment was there. Finding the city, they narrowly escaped its ghostly defenders only to find the Nazi Thule colonel holding Marilyn Ellis - a companion from the Order - at gunpoint. In order to save her they gave him the fragment, but he killed Marilyn anyway. The colonel was mortally wounded, but by the time the PCs got to his body, it was gone.
  • Session 4, King Solomon's Mines - In our latest adventure, the PCs traveled to Angola to find King Solomon's Mines. After finding a hidden map containing its location, going up river through the jungle, they found the mines. They got the fragment and escaped just as the mines filled with lava, finding themselves once again face to face with the Nazi colonel. However, their airship came just in time to save them, and they escaped. The landed in the Sahara Desert, just outside an ancient ceremonial chamber. After each drinking a potion, they walked down 70 steps to be greeted by the priests Nasht and Kaman-tha, and began their journey down the 700 steps into the Dreamlands.
Yes, I'm being vague on everything for a reason, while I'll reveal at a later date. The last session was amazing, at had the most pulpiest scene thus far in the campaign.

The PCs were traveling up-river when they rounded a bend in time to see a Nazi sorcerer melding two natives and two crocodiles together - creating two crocodile men that immediately jumped into the water toward them. Behind the sorcerer was a Nazi soldier behind a large machine gun that opened fire on them. So, imagine they're in the boat, which has caught on fire because of gunfire hitting the engine, fighting two crocodile men, when they realize the boat is heading straight for a waterfall!

Fortunately, the PCs were barely able to make it out of the boat before it exploded and went over the falls. The whole scene took maybe 10 minutes, but was one of the most exciting and tense ones so far.

There should only be two more sessions in the campaign before they are done. Thus far the players have been enjoying it and have I, and I have big plans for it in the future. Can't wait to tell you all that later!

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  1. Man, this sound amazing!! Have you written the whole campaign? Is there any chance to get a copy of it?