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Origins for Newbies - Gaming Groups

Gamers make up Origins; without them the convention would be nothing. When they band up and run games together, they become gaming groups.

There are a number of gaming groups at Origins that run games throughout the entire convention, and do an amazing job at it. This isn't an easy task, either.

Think about it - Origins is 5 days. The average RPG is 4 hours, so conceivably you could run 3 games a day (assuming that person took one game slot break). Thats 12 hours a day times 4 days (Wed-Sat) and one more game on Sunday...for a total of 52 hours of gaming. Sound like a lot? It is, but yet there are individuals in these groups that do it!

Some of these groups run hundreds of hours of games throughout the con, and keep their level of enthusiasm going the entire time. They are worth checking out, and with few exceptions, are very open to new players and teaching how to play a game. These are the masters, and you can do worse in learning a game.

Some of the list below I have played games in, some I have heard good things about. As always, YMMV.

Rogue Cthulhu
Rogue Cthulhu has been running Call of Cthulhu RPGs for 15 years at Origins. They run some of the best in the con, and if you want to learn how Call of Cthulhu is really played, see them. Want to know how to find them? Just look for the black-lit room with the large inflatable Cthulhu.

Matinee Adventures
Matinee Adventures runs RPGs of various systems, including Ubiquity/Hollow Earth Expedition, 7th Sea, D&D, and Champions. I've played in a number of their games and always look forward to seeing what they are running.

Kettle of Fish
This group is focused on LARPs of all sorts - Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Deadlands, and many others. If you've ever wanted to try a LARP, then these are the guys you want running your game!

The Guild of San Marcos
The Guild runs a living campaign of the 7th Seas RPG, and has been highly recommended to me. Check them out at the con! 

Amorphous Blob Games
AB Games runs a ton of games at Origins...too many to mention. They also run Clay-O-Rama - a game where you create monsters with play-doh which then destroy each other (a favorite of my daughters). How to find them? They're the ones with the cool hockey jerseys!

Indie Games on Demand
Indie Games on Demand is a group that runs a number of Indie RPGs such as Cthulhu Dark, FATE, Fiasco, and more. The great thing is they have an open schedule where you just show up at the start of the game and what everyone wants to play, is what you play. I have never played with them, but look forward to doing so this year!

Rogue Judges

Rogue Judges is often in the miniatures/scheduled tabletop area and can't be missed. They'll have a large board with colorful signs advertising all the games they run...and do they run a lot! RJ runs a ton of different board games throughout Origins, and all of them friendly to those new to the rules. If there's a board game you want to learn, and its on their schedule, make sure you get in their games.

Did I miss your favorite group? Leave a comment and I'll add them in!

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